At Nest and Sons, we know that every septic system repair can make a huge difference in our customers’ quality of life. Septic system repair is our specialty and we take it very seriously. We’ve spent over 50 years building a septic repair and cesspool maintenance service that is fast, affordable and effective. No matter where you are in New England, call Nest and Sons if for your emergency septic system maintenance. Our septic repair experts will be there whenever and wherever you need us.

  • Septic Tank Repair and Septic Tank Replacement
    Nest and Sons are experienced septic tank installers and we know how to solve your septic tank problems. From fiberglass to poly to concrete, from baffles to risers to filters, we have the practice and stock the parts needed to get your system running smoothly again—fast. And if septic tank maintenance can’t solve your problem, Nest and Sons can help you choose and install a septic tank replacement right away.
  • Septic Pump Replacement
    There are many signs of a failing septic pump—pooling water, unusual odors and slow drains, to name a few. From flushing the wrong types of waste to using certain types of water filtration systems, a septic pump can fail under stress. Call Nest and Sons for an expert evaluation of your septic pump. We have the technology and the expertise to find you the most cost-effective repair solution, and if necessary, we can install your septic pump replacement fast.
  • Drain Field Repair and Leach Field Repair
    If you are seeing soft spots or standing water in your leach field or drain field, call Nest and Sons today. Wastewater backing up in your property is a health hazard you can’t ignore, and the faster it is dealt with the less expensive it will be. We provide cost-effective septic system drainage solutions for our customers that can save them money and keep them from legal liability. Ask us about Aftershock™, our bio-based leach field enhancer, and other ways of extending the life of your system.

When it comes to septic systems, Nest and Sons can service it all, so make us your first septic system repair call. Our customers have counted on us for swift solutions and superior customer service for over 50 years, so call (207) 985-2581 today.